Sunday, November 08, 2009

Why So Threatened?

So Anonymous asks a question, "Why so threatened?" when it comes to science. Although I have already answered this question in different ways, I thought perhaps attempting to interact might be helpful.

First, in one sense I am not threatened at all. I do not go to bed at night wondering if science is going to destroy us all. I am a firm believer that Jesus' Kingdom is, in some sense, not of this world. Although as a citizen of the Kingdom of God, I recognize that His Kingdom is breaking into this age, it does so in ways that are unexpected. The United States, or any other organization for that matter, is of this world/age. Jesus' Kingdom will not be fully revealed until the age to come. (So no, I do not believe Jesus was/is/will be a Republican.)

Why is this important to state up front? The context of why I do not lose sleep at night must be understood. I fully expect those who reject the Creator/creature distinction and relationship to be fully swayed by sin and in full rebellion against God's revelation to man.

Even those who accept the Creator/creature relationship, the problem of sin is still a large part of this age's thinking. Man is not morally neutral but a slave of sin and perverts all areas of life. It is God's written/special Revelation that is able to give man a framework to correct man's thinking. However, man will pervert God's written revelation and the teachings and person of Christ. This should cause us to think very carefully about every facet of life.

So, although our culture may come to a place where Christians are persecuted or worse, Christians know that this age is hostile to the age to come. We are sojourners who look forward to the resurrection.

2) My so called "angry posts" are being read not from a morally neutral viewpoint, but from a viewpoint that wishes to throw me in jail. Yet the irony is that I would (I would like to think anyway) fight to defend Anonymous to have the freedom and liberty to believe what his conscience binds him. I do not wish Anonymous to go to jail for disagreeing with me. That is Medieval thinking and dangerous.

I was simply commenting on a so-called news story in which science (who's science?) is making huge claims. I have noted in other places that there has been an unholy alliance between left-wing political thinking, philosophical/theological liberalism and the vehicle of science. Can this really be denied? Well, if you're on the other side of the issue, there is no understanding of science other than your own. Biblical Creationists are just a bunch of biased religious zealots who are ignorant and have nothing meaningful to say.

3) One of my favorite movies is Blade Runner with Harrison Ford. It is Ford's character that is played about by the representatives of clashing worldviews of modernism and postmodernism. So worldviews matter. Science doesn't exist outside of a worldview. It heavily promotes whatever view it ascribes.

4) Now I have three children. Like most people, I would like my children to live in a world that is better than the one I grew up in. So on the one hand, I am fully aware that God may allow a new generation to have to deal with the age old problem of sin in an entirely new way. Nevertheless, I want my children not to feel adrift in a sea of postmodernism, but to know who they are in this age. I also would love to see religious liberty and freedom continue in this nation's great experiment.

So you might be wondering what does science have to do with this? Two reasons.

First, a people who know their history and where they come from will not be easily swayed down a path of destruction. America may have her flaws, but she has a solid foundation to continue the promotion of freedom and liberty. However, take away or rewrite a society's history, then the new powers that be will have an easier time in the overthrow of that previous culture.

The authority of science has been promoted in such a way as to be able to redefine mankind's and earth's history. The entire modern public educational system was designed to remove children from the home and to be educated by the powers that be. Of course, who do you think that would be?

Second, as I pointed out earlier, science has been making ridiculous claims for a long time. The reason is Leftists use science as a propaganda machine. It is the current vehicle by which liberty is taken from citizens.

For all of my life I have been told we are going to run out of gasoline and oil in just a few years. I have been told we are about to enter an ice age. I was told CFCs are going destroy the ozone hole. Now I am being told the planet is about to be destroyed by CO2. We could sit here and go through all of the Leftist attempts to overthrow capitalism and liberty.

So in conclusion, I am concerned for my family friends and neighbors. I do not want to see a culture sink further into the rot. Then again, every generation must struggle with thinking the same things. (How often have you heard this generation is worse than before?) I want to see religious liberty continue as I have been so blessed to have been raised with. Yet I know full well that persecution often brings about a far greater and better result for Christ's Kingdom. But as John Quincy Adams once said,
Duty is mine. Results belong to God.

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