Saturday, October 31, 2009

Reformation Weekend

We had a little scare last Saturday. Our water heater began leaking on the floor. If you notice the space in the picture, there just is not room to put a new one back in the same place. So we had to go online and purchase a tankless water heater. We managed to limp along during the week hoping the equipment would arrive before the weekend by sticking pans underneath to catch the water.

On Thursday afternoon the equipment arrived. So you can guess what I did that night and Friday morning in order to make certain we were able to get away for the Weekend.

In Goodland, my daughter noticed some funny signs. I guess vacuums really suck at this car wash.

Here is some wise advice on the other side.

Apparently someone had too much to drink.

Here is Pastor Fred Malone. So far we have listened to his messages on Scripture alone, Grace Alone and Faith Alone. Pastor Malone is very gracious. He was of great encouragement to several of us, who desire to see churches come back to the teachings that flow from Scripture Alone. Although Pastor Malone was doing an overview of the topics, he didn't sidestep issues either. He interacted with the Medieval Church's response to the Reformation and applied several of the historical lessons learned to some of the problems we are seeing in today's Evangelical church. Basically, we need a rediscovery of the Five Solas of the Reformation and all that entails.

Here is Pastor Glidewell (my pastor in the middle) and Pastor Brett Scollard of McCook, NE.

Paul Veal could have been in the picture as well, but for some reason he was not able to make it. You missed out man! :-)

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