Thursday, October 08, 2009

More Silliness

YahooNews is reporting that the Political Left's silent majority is...well...silent. What a hoot!
Yes, they're behind him, officials say — volunteering in their communities and contacting lawmakers in Congress. But some Obama organizers are calling their forces a "silent majority," embracing Republican terminology of long ago. And if the final legislation doesn't include a government run plan to compete with private insurers, they may be invisible, too.
So the Nazis, who have been rallying at these town hall meetings, are just a minority even though they are from a wide political spectrum. This is yet another example of Media bias attempting to set false premises and the direction of the debate. The question I am wondering is how many John McCain Republicans will accept this nonsense.

This is almost as bad as the Media doing fact checks on a Saturday Night Live skit.

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