Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Update On Sign

An update to the prior post. Now the sign reads, "You can't tell the Good News while being the bad news." Now again, this is a serious misunderstanding of the doctrine of Sanctification. How good does one have to be?

Now obviously Christians that act hypocritically will lose credibility as a witness as any person does in a court of law. Nevertheless, this has no impact on whether the Gospel is true or not. The Gospel isn't true because of my behavior. We don't know that Jesus lives because He lives within my heart. The Gospel is true because God invaded time and space. The events that happened happened in history.

What is even more troubling about this sign is a related question. If the doctrine of Sanctification can be so misunderstood, how much more the doctrine of Justification? Is Justification an experience? Is it a part of Sanctification without any distinction at all? It truly makes me wonder what Gospel is being preached.

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