Sunday, May 11, 2008

Living For Or In Light of Christ?

In light of a recent post by Cory and other posts we have written I thought this sign would make for an interesting discussion. I have no doubt the author of this sign has a love for Christ. I have no doubt there is even some truth to what is being said. The problem I have is trying to put theology into a clip that turns sanctification into a slogan or perhaps a cliche.

If this were merely a descriptive idea, an idea of a man who is being described, then there really might be nothing to say to this. After all, a man that is saved by Christ is going to live for Christ. There are many passages in Scripture that describe things in this manner. Yet quite often we misread texts of Scripture as I am certain we misread this one as well.

Let me explain. Life is not worth living simply because I got up one day and decided to live for Jesus. This is not the Gospel. Anyone who thinks it is has not the Gospel and lives a life that is upside down and backwards from it. Life is worth living because Christ lived for me. By faith I trust in the finished work of the Son of God. His life is my life. His death is my death. His resurrection is my resurrection. His ascension is my ascension. His being seated in the heavenly realm is my being seated with Him. All of this is by faith alone. I have done none of this. Yet, it is as if I had through the means of faith.

The lack of understanding between Law and Gospel that is being taught in church today is sad. We preach so much law in the guise of self help or motivational preaching, that in the Name of Christ, we hold up our lives. For example, have you heard it said that "We should always be preaching the Gospel. Sometimes we should even use words."? If so, then you have been misled. Your life is not the Gospel. Christ and His perfect life and death is the only Gospel. It is a proclamation.

As ambassadors for Christ, we ought to live consist godly lives that we gain an audience with those to whom we have been called to serve. This is not the Gospel though. The Gospel is the lifting up of Christ and His finished work in behalf of those who will look to and believe in Him.


Cory said...

I still don't understand why the church has come to believe that we need marketing in this fashion anyway.

Howard Fisher said...

Having spoken with this pastor, he is most definitely not a Doctrines of Grace kind of guy. If fact, he has more in common with the Church of Christ and the need for physical by baptism to be saved.

Pretty scary if he were to consistently follow through with his own doctrine consistently.