Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oligarchy Now Rules

Today is a day when homosexuals are celebrating a huge victory in California. As most of you probably know by now, the California State Supreme Court decided that homosexuals do have a right to get married. You may read one story here and read the Court's decision here. Eventually, I would like to sit down and read through the Court's ruling. For now, I have come across an interesting web page that defends homosexual marriage. For the next few posts, I will be interacting with some points that are made.

Approximately 2/3 down the page a question is asked

"Why Does Conservative Politics Find Gay Marriage So Deeply Threatening?”

To which the writer, Scott Bidstrup begins to answer,

“As George Lakoff, in his excellent book, "Moral Politics" points out, conservatism is based on a "strict father" metaphor of morality, in which a wise father (church or political leader) sets the rules, and the children (the people) are disciplined to comply, thereby gaining self discipline, and with it, autonomy and self-sufficiency.”

Here is the irony. The will of the people through their elected representatives and normal Constitutional means decided against gay marriage. So the law on the books was determined by the will of the people. Yet, 4 of seven Justices, by the power of a pen, decided what is right and what is wrong and “the children (the people) are disciplined to comply”.

The real heinous thing about this entire issue is that while claiming to seek liberty, homosexuals and those endorsing their position are undermining the very system that gives rise to our liberty. So it is hypocritical to call social Conservatives or religious conservatives to be those blindly following a “father” figure, when homosexual groups are forcing exactly that.

Our Constitutional form of government has been violently attacked. Although this is not new, it is troubling that the Courts are now consistently ruling from this perspective. When Judges may overthrow the Constitution and the normal means of passing legislation (make no mistake, that is exactly what this is) but instead passes legislation from the bench, then we cease to be a free people and come under the tyranny of an Oligarchy form of government. Homosexuals may rejoice today, but even their so-called victory could be overturned by a new dictator tomorrow.

Lord willing, I’ll have more time to interact later this evening.

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