Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kay Bailey Hutchinson, First Female President!

I discovered who I am going to write in for President!!!!! While I was listening to more of Operation Chaos News during Rush's show today, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson came on and began blasting the Democrats. She has written an editorial that is simply a must read (here). Here is a potion of her interaction with Rush:

SEN. HUTCHISON: Well, Rush, if we would do this -- if the Democrats and if the people understand this issue enough to force them. If we could open refineries, make it easier to do so; open nuclear power plants, which is the cleanest form of energy at the best, most efficient prices that we could possibly produce it; and drill in ANWR, the Outer Continental Shelf and deep drilling in the Gulf Coast, we could be a country that doesn't have to rely on anyone else. I think we need to make this an issue in this election.

RUSH: I couldn't agree more.

SEN. HUTCHISON: Don't let the Democrats get by with saying, "Oh, it's just terrible that the price of gasoline is high, and it's the president's fault." It is not the president's fault. It's the Democrats in Congress who continue to keep us from drilling in ANWR. We had almost enough, 60 votes, to pass that last time. We were one vote short, couldn't get it, and so here we are again.

RUSH: Quick question, last one. I know you have to go. Senator Obama's running a campaign on "unity" and solving these kind of problems. Could he bring people together on this, Senator, to renew our effort to become energy independent?

SEN. HUTCHISON: Well, I haven't seen any ideas yet from the Democrats that would actually make a difference in our energy independence. That's the key. It's walking the walk as well as talking the talk. We've got to have real action which could be done right now in Congress today. The Democrats are in control of both houses, and yet we can't even get free trade agreements with Colombia much less an open trade --

Where has this woman been hiding? I am willing to bet my paycheck that if she had entered the race for the Republican nomination, she would not only have won hands down, she would be the first female President of these United States! She would have clobbered the slate of buffoons that we had to choose from. Why now? Why is she now doing something? Whatever her reasons are, she needs to continue doing it. Perhaps there is somebody who might start a Blog for conservative politicians that desire to lead a Conservative movement and get their message out.

I must admit not all things she says are rosie. She does play the political game. She writes in the article:

On Dec. 19, 2007, President Bush signed into law the Energy Independence and Security Act. This legislation had several positive features, including higher fuel standards for cars and greater investment in renewable energies such as solar power.

This is just stupid political talk. For here she is siding with government to tell car makers what they should be doing. This is not Conservatism, at least not consistently. Nevertheless, she writes:

Furthermore, the trend of farmers supplanting other grains with corn is decreasing the supply of numerous agricultural products. When the supply of those products goes down, the price inevitably goes up.

Subsequently, the cost of feeding farm and ranch animals increases and the cost is passed to consumers of beef, poultry and pork products.

Since February 2006, the price of corn, wheat and soybeans has increased by more than 240%. Rising food prices are hitting the pockets of lower-income Americans and people who live on fixed incomes.

To be honest, I didn't know any politicians had the kind of courage to say something like this.

She writes more,

"Congress must take action. I am introducing legislation that will freeze the biofuel mandate at current levels, instead of steadily increasing it through 2022.

Why does she believe this? Common sense. That's why. She also says,

The best way to lower energy prices, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil, is to accelerate production of all forms of domestic energy.

Expanding biofuels while refusing to take other measures, such as lifting the ban on oil and natural gas production in Alaska and the Outer Continental Shelf, is counterproductive. We should be tapping into a broad portfolio of energy options, including clean coal, nuclear power and wave energy.

The key is increasing energy supply. By taking these measures, we can enable biofuels to be part of the energy solution, instead of contributing to the energy problem.

Please, please notice the "key is increasing supply"! The oil is there. It is in mass quantities. The anti-American, anti-Capitalism Left knows this is the solution. They will use Global Warming propaganda and polution EPA nonsense to keep spreading misery.

She is right. We must stop listening to people who say they have "good intentions" (ie: Liberal Democrats...Which I think is a lie anyway) and start looking for results. If she drops the lets get along portions of her political speech, she may very well be President in 2012.


juliet9121 said...

Agree with your comments about Kay's performance on Rush. She seems to be one of the only Repubs who is unafraid to articulate common sense policy. Anyone can rant and rave but Kay has the ability to bring coaltions together to affect change. We don't have enough Repubs in congress that can/will do that. I disagree with your comment about her being President.....we need her to be Governor of Texas first!

Howard Fisher said...

"I disagree with your comment about her being President.....we need her to be Governor of Texas first!"

Well, if you are going to disagree with me on my Blog, I am glad it is for purely selfish reasons.