Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Calling the Lost

Today, I read Sam Waldron's blog post with great interest. As far as I can tell, Dr. Waldron has a great love for the Gospel of Grace and seeks to be a faithful pastor shepherding the flock that God has placed under his care. Dr. Waldron also trains men for pastoral ministry. That makes today's post even more interesting. Dr. Waldron feels that he has failed in training his family and congregation for evangelism. He writes, "I am writing you partly because I feel that he [Bob Selph] put his finger on an area where I to some degree failed as a father and a pastor in my responsibilities."

I would hate to see his words twisted. So many today believe that "lifestyle evangelism" is the greatest means of proclaiming the Gospel. We have all heard this in some form or another, "Always preach the Gospel and sometimes we might even use words." Now obviously what most people mean by this is that we should live consistent godly lives that we may gain an audience with those around us. But let me be clear. The Gospel is NEVER preached through actions! NEVER! Was that clear enough?

The Good News of Christ is a proclamation. It is objective and outside of fallen man. Therefore we as Christians must always make the clear distinction between the Gospel and living in light of the Gospel. The Law may be written upon the heart. The heart in the Christian may be regenerated. But that is not the Gospel. Law is not Gospel. Gospel is not the Law.

Sam Waldron's post shows great humility. He is not saying we must live our lives as the means to proclaim the Gospel [if I understand him correctly]. He is saying that as Christians, we must imitate Paul and ultimately Christ (Is this not the effects of the Gospel upon our hearts?). We must follow Christ's desire to see men saved. That seemed to be my own Pastor Kyle's sermon this past Lord's Day. Therefore, we as Christians must be diligent in our calling to evangelize with every opportunity the Lord gives us. This also means that Christians must become well trained by their pastors and work with their pastors in this great work. There is no greater duty than to bring the lost into the Kingdom of God.

So let us give up losing weight for Jesus and learn the Gospel thoroughly and do that which Christ calls all Christians to do.

Soli Deo Gloria

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