Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Same Sex Controversy

OK, so I write a post deploring the imbalance of hundreds of sermons against homosexuals that exist especially among Fundamentalist Baptists (and even the Fred Phelps types). In fact, the very first sermon I remember in a Fundy church said homosexuals need to get back in the closet, and then the gay bashing started. Yet when I write this, someone who is not able to write a complete sentence attempts to defend homosexuality from the Bible in the comments section. So I am recommending an excellent book that deals with the apologetic methods of pro-homosexual arguments thoroughly. This book is written by Jeff Neill and James White. If you struggle with the contemporary scholarly arguments, this book is worth the read. It starts with the presupposition that God's word is authoritative and able to communicate clearly. With that starting point, they handle all of the major objections that are raised by those who would seek to pervert God's created order and purpose.

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