Monday, April 26, 2010

Trip to Denver

This weekend was a busy and entertaining one. My son and I went to the last Colorado Avalanche game of the season/playoffs Saturday night. It was definitely worth the long drive even though the Avs lost. One thing was unusual about this game, and I realize that according to the commercial, "hockey fans are not like other fans".

During the National Anthem, everyone started singing along very loudly at the point of, "and our flag was still there!" Now what was unusual was not only did everyone seem to get a pinch of a sense of patriotic pride, but everyone knew the words. I only act surprised because we are hockey fans and all. :-)

We also had a great time visiting the cousins, who were very gracious in letting us crash their place for the night. It was fun to finally see their baby even though the time we had together was short.

Since yesterday was the Lord's Day, Steven and I decided to visit a church that was on the Farese website, the L2 Church. During the announcements one of the pastors explained that the men were going to get together to raise money for the local men's shelter. But this would be no ordinary gathering. You were invited to bring whatever beer you wished along with your favorite cigar. But it gets even better. You were also to bring $20 for the poker game that was to raise money for the shelter.

Now I must say, that was definitely different. It was also the first baptist church that served wine instead of juice during communion. So I must give credit to this pastor for not making up laws that the bible doesn't force upon men's consciences. Then again, the pastor obviously likes Tim Keller since he quoted him during the sermon. So it should have been no surprise.

Anyway, the Lord blessed the time I spent with my son this weekend.

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