Thursday, April 22, 2010

Horton: Calvinistic Evangelicals

I agree with Riddlebarger. Mike Horton nails it with this post on the White Horse Inn discussing what it means to be young, restless and "reformed". This portion says exactly what I think needs to be repeated.
If being Reformed can be reduced to believing in the sovereignty of God and election, then Thomas Aquinas is as Reformed as R. C. Sproul. However, the Reformed confession is a lot more than that. Even the way it talks about these doctrines is framed within a wider context of covenant theology.
The last sentence was exactly my point in my April 14th post. The next paragraph states the importance of this thought.
It’s intriguing to me that people can call themselves Reformed today when they don’t embrace this covenant theology. This goes to the heart of how we read the Bible, not just a few doctrines here or there. Yet what was once recognized as essential to Reformed faith and practice is now treated merely as a sub-set (and a small one at that) of the broader “Reformed” big tent.
Anyway, the article is definitely worth the read if you are one who is floating about or contemplating what it means to be reformed. Although the article is not attempting to define reformed theology in any depth. It is attempting to explain the phenomenon that is occurring among "calvinistic evangelicals" and how it should relate to the local church.

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