Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Don Piper Coming to Scott City

The advertisement for Don Piper's speaking engagement and perhaps the further promotion of his book, 90 Minutes in Heaven, has been put up in windows of businesses around town. What is interesting is that he is being sponsored by the local Ministerial Alliance. So Dr. White's slogan, Theology Matters, rings even closer to home. Tim Challies offers a book review here.

Perhaps I should go and wear my T-Shirt?

UPDATE: My wife spoke with Pastor Robert Knuckles of the local SBC. He told her that he was very upset about this situation and was against it. In fact, she saw him last night at a store, and he had refused to attend. So it is good to know someone has some kind of discernment. It is one thing for Christians to go and listen to someone give a presentation about their experience. It is quite another for Christians to be the sponsors of and give a platform to such nonsense.

Also, I am also fairly certain that the Lutheran Pastor, Pastor Prochnow, would be against such an event.


Cory said...

I read the book also. I have also seen Don Piper speak live at a similar (probably identical) event. I do not think it's harsh at all to say that his events are a waste of time for Christians and non-Christians alike.
Don Piper's suffering is spoken of most, Heaven a little and the gospel not even once. Never was there a single reference to the live, death and resurrection of Christ nor a single call to repentance and faith in this Jesus.
So, people spend all that time hearing about Heaven and leave with a new idol: Heaven without Jesus.

Cory said...

sorry for the typo there...I meant,
"LIFE, death and resurrection" but you probably got that...

Howard Fisher said...

It would not bother me in the slightest if you wrote about how irresponsible pastors are for supporting such nonsense.

This is the kind of silliness that passes of as Christianity. Christians, who in our worldview, ought to be consistent and not be subject to this kind of thing. It is no wonder the Radical Skepticism of the Ellises of the world pervades so strongly.