Thursday, December 10, 2009

The True First Black President

Here is the man who should have been the first black President. Equal opportunity instead of equal outcome is fundamental to liberty. But I am certain Republicans will miss this opportunity as well for some good old boy geezer like McCain.


Anonymous said...

Advocating the violent overthrow of a Republic. I just don't get it. Last I checked, you can still run for office.

That overbearing sort of military patriotism loses in elections for a reason. It's off-putting and frightening, to the tune of helping the man with the most military service lose the last five presidential elections.

Howard Fisher said...

You make an interesting point. To view this about the Political Left, Obama definitely gives a nice face to Radical Leftism. I have listened to famous feminists on a college campus. It was nothing short of what you speak of. Obama is as radical as any I have ever seen. Yet you would never know it. Rules For Radicals works.

As for Allen West's rhetoric, I can see it being offensive to some demographics. For all of his rhetoric though, I liked the substance behind it. He seems to understand (I really don't know much about him) that we are at war with those who are well aware that this country has indeed entered a second civil war/Revolution with 60s hippies now in charge. If only more people understood that simple fact. The Beatles song Revolution is not a mere slogan or slip of the tongue.

However, a more Reaganesque approach probably would gain more support. So your point is taken.

As for the man with the most military service losing the last five Presidential elections is another interesting perspective that I have not thought of.

McCain lost because he tried not to engage the political enemy. His rhetoric was destroy those conservatives that actually tried to win. So I don't see how that supports your position.

John Kerry lost but again, can we really say it was because of the kind of rhetoric found in Col West's speech? Plus I don;t think faked purple hearts and then getting rid of them and then committing treason type acts gets Americans to have a sense of patriotism.

Bush won against Gore, but I don;t remember if Gore has any military experience.

Bob Dole was a bore. It wasn't till after he lost that the public actually liked him due to his appearances on programs like Letterman where he showed himself to be very likable. Again, though, Dole's rhetoric was more like McCain. No leadership whatsoever.

Bush Sr. lost due to the same thing. No inspiring rhetoric at all. Clinton could feel our pain, and it was "the economy stupid".

Reagan, Gorbachev, tear down this wall. The Left hated that speech. Yet he was loved by most Americans.

So in conclusion, I think you raise an obvious point that West needs to be careful, yet he doesn't need to win the vote of the Left. He only needs to inspire Americans to be the best they can be without government strings attached.