Friday, December 11, 2009

NASA Is Involved?

In the mid-nineties, I remember being told that the ozone hole was recorded at its biggest ever. This meant that we were needing to stop our polluting the sky with our CFC hair sprays and building refrigerators with certain kinds of refrigerants. We don't hear much about that anymore simply because the Left won that battle. Big Corporations got rich and the Left moved onto to bigger battles.

However, what I thought was interesting was that NASA only reported part of the story. The same years that the largest ozone hole was being recorded was also the year the smallest ozone hole was recorded. Why NASA and the Media reported these things in the manner they did may be different. For NASA, it was always budget time. For the Media, well I am certain you may figure that out on your own.

NewsMax is now reporting a story on NASA.
Climategate may be just the tip of the global-warming iceberg, according to experts. The next weather-science scandal may erupt right here in the United States. For nearly three years, NASA has resisted the efforts of free-market groups to release e-mails that could reflect the same sort of pro-warming bias seen in the recent e-mails from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of East Anglia University.
Well, the evidence is not in yet as to whether this story has any real basis. But knowing what NASA has done in the past, it sure would not be a shocker to find out the same thing has occurred here.

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RichardS said...

Maybe it is time for some to stop all the railing (at least some) against religous hucksters and start railing against scientific, political, and media hucksters. Indeed religious hucksters are out there and indeed rake in a few million here and there. But the scientific, political, and media huscksters are raking in billions and billions and soon to be... trillions? These guys are massive shake down artists.