Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Smoking Gun

If you have followed Mr. Ape's comments on the "Is Evolution a Hoax?", you will see he has the "smoking gun" evidence for the theory of evolution. It is Chromosome #2. Now you need to watch the video to learn the argument supporting the idea that a chimpanzee/human ancestor once had 48 chromosomes. After the chimps and humans split, there was a fusion of chromosomes. Since the DNA among other things is what evolutionists predicted would have occurred, evolution is now an established fact. (Although I am wondering as to what else it would look like for creationist theories)

Now as a layman, I don't necessarily follow all of the complicated scientific aspects of the argument. But the argument basically sounded similar to the star light problem. If the creation is only 6,000 years old, and star light that comes from a particular star that is 3 million light years away and it took 3 million years for the light to arrive on earth, then either we are looking at a false history of a particular star or the star light actually comes from the star, and it actually took 3 million year years to travel to get here. Thereby making the universe much older than what Genesis 1 teaches.

However, over the years, I have learned that there are many assumptions that go into scientific claims, whether they be evolutionary claims or creationist claims. So the issue is not one of evidence, but one of presuppositions. Another problem is that scientific "facts" often change. Although that is really not true, but our understanding of how the world works and our understanding of the "facts" does change. Being that our learning about chromosome #2 is still relatively new, I am most certain that our understanding of this "dilemma" will only increase.

I could sit here and list all of the past dilemmas that have caused Bible believing Christians to struggle. Yet there is no need to do that here. Suffice it to say that Evolutionists will always have a new "smoking gun". Trying to keep up the tit for tats only gives headaches and never deals with the real issues.

However, I thought an analogy for the new smoking gun might help. So I would like to use a schematic design of 2 vehicles that parallels the "DNA" of humans and chimps. As I understand what is being said, chimps have 48 chromosomes and humans have 46. So lets say there are 50 pages of schematics (only information on one side) for a Ford Explorer and only 45 pages for a Chevy Suburban. Upon examination, it was discovered that the Suburban's last 5 pages had copies on both sides. For the rest of the pages, only one side had information. Therefore both really had the same amount of information.

Could it be that both have a common ancestor and evolved into their current form? The evidence could seem that the information on the double sided pages of the Suburban were very similar to the Ford Explorer's one-sided pages. This might cause us to think they evolved. But is evolution the only possibility? According to Mr. Ape, evolution is the only answer.
They [scientists] must use natural explanations for everything. If every time a scientist who was unable to solve a problem said God must have magically created this, then human progress would come to a complete stop.
So even though creationists could postulate an explanation for the analogy I used or an explanation of the Chromosome #2 dilemma, by definition they are kept from doing so. Why? Mr. Ape's presuppositions have blinded him from any alternative explanations. Scientists should be open-minded to alternate theories. Mr. Ape is not. He is nothing short of a Fundamentalist of the naturalistic/materialist kind.

From a creationist perspective, I think the smoking gun is in the "irreducible complexities" argument. It is one thing to argue from information that already exists in DNA. It is quite another to show how DNA and the organism both came into existence. But I live in the world that allows for both naturalistic and super-naturalistic answers.

Mr. Ape lives in the world of creationism. Mr. Ape believes in morality. He uses language and the laws of logic and reason. He believes in the scientific method. He refrains from stepping in front of buses or jumping off of bridges. He lives as a creationist in every area of life except for one.

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