Friday, December 04, 2009

Can Baptists Be Reformed?

A recent discussion has been taking place within Reformed circles of whether or not Reformed Baptists have a right to claim the term "Reformed" as a proper nomenclature for their identity. For instance Dean Gonzales has written a blog post here, and James White has responded in part to Dr. Clark as well here.

For those of you who would like to listen to a fascinating discussion of an overview of the history of the three streams of Baptists as they relate to the Reformation and Reformed churches, please listen to the Reformed Forum's, Christ the Center podcast. This particular discussion lasts for over 80 minutes and is very helpful for those who are Baptist and are embracing the Reformed faith.

I don't know who James is, but he does an excellent job at explaining the origins of the English Particular Baptists, the Seven Churches of London. At the 55 minute point, he also makes a very good defense of the Baptist position by showing its consistency with the New Testament's eschatology and the New Testament's interpretation of the Covenantal outworking of redemptive history.

Just download and listen already.

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