Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Global Warming At the UN

Open has an interesting article that interacts with President Obama's speech in the area of Global Warming.
“More frequent drought and crop failures breed hunger and conflict in places where hunger and conflict already thrive.”

Reality: there is no upward global trend in major droughts. Reversals in large-scale cycles have meant that the southward march of the Sahara Desert into the Sahel has been reversed in recent years and the Sahara is now shrinking.
I would add another reality. The number one reason people are starving is because of dictators. Although there are cultural factors that keep people living in the past and using outdated methods of agriculture, dictators have taxed people for generations and kept them in poverty. This leads to constant revolts and "banana republics".

To blame the American way of life for causing bad weather which in turn causes starvation is more evidence that this is not about Global Warming or the environment. This is all about anti-capitalism. One only need to look at the enemies of the Left-wing Democrats and their rhetoric against capitalism.

As I asked my son the other day, "Have you ever heard of a missionary coming back from a foreign country saying, 'Their way of life is so much netter than ours.'?"

The evidence for capitalism's success is right in front of our faces. Just walk out the front door of your house and look around.

The only Global Warming being caused by human beings is the hot air being blown around at the UN.

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