Monday, March 30, 2009

Small Groups

I thought these two statements from this BP News story were kind of funny.
"It's good to see God at work in so many people's lives," said Steven Tang, the small group leader. "This is what the small group community is about and what Pastor Rick is always talking about. It's amazing to be able to live and participate in the reality of it."
Saddleback Church baptized 800 people in a marathon three and a half hour ceremony March 28, after nearly 2,400 people attended a four-hour class for people interested in becoming members of the church.
Perhaps I am the only one with a strange sense of humor.


MarieP said...

Well, look on the bright side...

I have a paedo friend who says he'd become a credo if only he could overcome the obstacle of 3,000 people being baptized in one day by immersion.

At the rate shown here, it would have taken 13.125 hours. Plus, more than one person probably was baptizing on the day of Pentecost.

I'm forwarding my friend this ;-)

Howard Fisher said...

Thanks for the comment MarieP. If your friend really wants to become credo and is struggling with the 3,000 thing, then he should become a Reformed Baptist. I don't think even if most RB churches wanted to do such a practice that they are in any danger of having such a problem. ;-)

Now if God chose to bless a RB church with 3,000 converts, then something would have to be very wrong with the economy.