Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Priests for Life Video

Here is an excellent video produced by Priests for Life. There is a lot of information on this site about abortion. Kudos to Townhall.com for linking this site. Although, I still maintain that I will not be convinced until Rome starts ex-communicating her own members that legalize abortion. If she did, perhaps others would follow her lead and abortion would come to an end more quickly. It is time for all churches to do the one thing they ought and can do. To cut off from their midst members that promote abortion.

Watch the Video!


Anonymous said...

I struggle with your use of video materials produced by proponents of Rome. You have said elsewhere on your blog that "Nothing but error ever comes from Rome", so I feel it is inconsistent for you to point other Calvinist readers to these sites, such as priests for life. You have pointed out the many errors of catholicism in your blog so how can it possibly be that they would be morally correct when it comes to issues of embryonic stem cells, cloning, abortion, contraception etc?

Why would you as a Calvinist give them any credence? I suggest you stick with anti-abortion promotional material and resources produced by solid Calvinists, so as to maintain theological and moral consistency.
Why do you need to point to catholic sources when there is anti-abortion information and media produced by Reformed Christians ? Your blogposts would gain more traction in the Calvinist blogosphere if you referred to Reformed literature concerning abortion and ethics of life.

Howard Fisher said...

Thanks for the comment. It is something I struggle with when I see this kind of material and whether or not to cooperate with RCs. I agree with the point that cooperating with RCs might give the idea that Rome is a true church (although I don't remember saying nothing but error comes from Rome).

On the other hand, I believe as a Reformed Christian that I can and should stand with my neighbor, no matter who he is, when it comes to standing against evil in our society. We should do so in our secular contexts and vocations.

Then again, many Evangelicals will stand shoulder to shoulder with RCs and others but do so in a religious context. This is the error. This is also the problem with linking to RC websites. There has to be a way we all may work together without the appeal to our religious denominations or even in a context where we are working together "as Christians" when that may not necessarily be the case.

For instance, I have no problem standing with my Muslim neighbor against abortion. Yet here you have caught me in an apparent contradiction. Would I link to an Islamic website that talked about abortion? Probably not.

So I do need to find a way to be consistent in my position against other false religions and yet willing to work with my neighbor of other faiths in the defense of babies and do so in our secular contexts.

God Bless