Monday, March 09, 2009

Gingrich Is Irrational

Another reason to chuck this guy under the bus. Again, Rush is right. This is not a policy war. This a fundamental war of ideas. The basic principles and philosophy of government is at stake. Obama is overthrowing the very foundations of a free society, and Gingrich wants to have a policy discussion. I find it hard to believe this guy led the 94 Revolution. In my opinion, he will go down in history as leading the biggest failure. He simply has no endurance as a leader.

I must confess one thing. At least with the Left, they don't back down from their principles. They won't articulate and be honest with the American people as to the wickedness they are seeking to perpetrate on the American people, but at least they are sticking to their guns.

Let's be real. Obama is watching the economy go down the toilet, and he isn't going to waver from his position no matter what destruction it brings upon us. Gingrich seems to be cheering him on. To disagree is to be "irrational".

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