Thursday, August 07, 2008

We Made It!

One thing is quite obvious when you leave western Kansas. It is humid in the rest of the country to the east. We have been looking like someone that has been dunked in a tank during Fair time. We just can not manage to stay dry. Fortunately while we camped in Virginia the weather was dry for a brief period. Here is a picture of Monticello.

Tuesday we spent the day in Washington D.C.. What an incredible day to be at Arlington Cemetery. We watched the change of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. While walking to Kennedy’s tomb, we were stopped by a funeral procession of presumably a four star general. He received a 21 gun (canon) salute. Taps was played. Perhaps half of the Pentagon was there? It was difficult to know if we were breaking etiquette when were decided to leave the grounds to go to the Washing Mall.

Four out of five of us stayed awake when we arrived at Lincoln’s Memorial.

Jacob woke up in time to touch the Washington monument.

Seeing these timeless documents fade reminds me of how precious our Republic is. Jefferson was right. Every generation must contend for the principles fought over during the Revolution. Although, I wonder if Jefferson envisioned what has become of this Nation. I think in many ways, it has. In many ways, it also reminds us that every generation must fight against tyranny. The fact that the Supreme Court upheld the Second Amendment only proves that truth all the more.

I wonder if this would legal today? This was in the floor of the Nation Archives.

While we were at Jefferson’s Monticello, the tour guide mentioned that Jefferson loved to read. He literally had a library of thousands of books. When the Brittish had burned the Library of Congress, Jefferson donated his books. My son wanted to see this library. So we went. I had forgotten about the fact Jefferson had done this. The books were on display. After reading the titles of these books, I am more convinced than ever that the Framers of the Constitution were far more intelligent than any lawyer I have ever met.

Just as we were rounding the Capitol building, a man from the Talk Radio News Service came up to us and asked us what we thought of the Republicans demanding a vote on the Energy Bill while standing in the dark. Since we have been traveling we simply had no idea what the political news of the day was. The News Guy proceeded to explain to us the situation and again asked me my opinion. Now, for those of you who know me, I gave him a microphone full. He then explained that I would be on the program that evening, at least on the internet at

Independence Hall at Philadelphia was amazing. We stood in the room where the Founders of this nation debated and declared the Revolution. Unlike the Leftist Revolution occurring today, these men were simply brilliant. I'll post some video later. Here are a couple of pictures.


We have made it to Massachusetts. It is nice to finally be at our destination.

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