Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fountain of Youth, Perpetual Engines and Magic Fuels

Several years ago, a man promising free electricity via his perpetual running engine that operated on the 5 law of something came through town and the state. I met several people who bought into this snake oil scam. One person even had a booth at the State Fair. Are Politicians such as T. Boone Pickens any different?

I heard yet another Pickens commercial this afternoon. This one really suggested that his entire plan is only to buy time. I guess we are running out of time? Apparently, he thinks the American public believes in the magic pill, fountain of youth, perpetual engines and now the imaginary perfect fuel. If he is right, Americans watch to many movies. BTW, the movie Back To the Future is fiction.

If you have recently watched the Modern Marvels program on Crude Oil, you might be beginning to realize that oil is the magic fuel. It does so much it is ridiculous we would look for another fuel source. What impressed me was how we are able to take the Crude apart at the molecular level to come up so many things such as propane, petroleum products (lipstick), gasoline, diesel, kerosene, asphalt base and literally hundreds of other uses. This happens at the Refinerys.

Now there are people who probably would still like to burn water. We have so much of it. Why not burn it? But is that really the issue? We would all need cars that would have to have some kind of small refinery in order to break down the water into a usable form. This would require some kind of catalyst or engine that would defeat the purpose. Are we all going to drive around with Nuclear power plants under our hoods? What Leftist is going to sit idly by and allow that? In fact, I think that would come under Saturday Night Live's Bad Idea Jeans.

So why reinvent the wheel? We got the oil. Ignore the whiny Leftists and allow companies to go get what the free-market allows. Again, the issue is not about oil, it is about freedom. Pickens is playing on fears and promising fictional solutions in the future. This is not Conservatism.

Don't buy his snake oil.

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