Saturday, August 23, 2008

This Silly McCain Business

All right. Just a quick comment about this McCain business at Saddleback church. Rush was praising McCain's quick answers as being core beliefs on display. That is why he was able to give quick and substantive answers. For instance, McCain was asked when life begins to which he responded by saying "conception". He is now supposedly the pro-life candidate. Just a couple of questions I'd like to pose to Rush.

What about this gang of 14 that Mccain built to get back at George Bush which ended up stalling Bush's nominations?

If this is such a core value, why did McCain "float" Tom Ridge as a running mate? If this is not a lick the finger and stick it in the wind I don't know what is.

How many Pro-life bills has McCain introduced to save babies from being murdered?

Why did McCain say he would not be willing to overturn Roe V Wade if given the opportunity?

When Democrats are willing to stall Republican nominated Judges to the Supreme Court, McCain wants to play nice with Political enemies. Is this Pro-life? Is this the character being portrayed when he talks about his war-hero status?

Why did McCain believe the First Amendment could be dismantled to silence all groups, including Pro-Life Pacs "to even mention the name of a candidate within 30 days of a primary, or 60 days of a general election"?

I must part ways with Rush Limbaugh. As impressive sounding at Saddleback church McCain made himself out to be, he is clearly being political. I don't care what he did in a war that took place 40 years ago. He obviously did not learn from it. He has sided with Leftists on too many fronts. He has tried to be liked by the Media and Moderates. He has chosen to attack Conservatives on his own side. Why should I expect anything different from him if he were elected President? Isn't it obvious as well that if he were President he will work together with Leftists in Congress instead of defeating them?

I don't want a compromiser. I don't want someone who speaks at a church and says what Conservatives want to hear. I want a leader. John McCain is no leader.

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