Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Two Quick Notes

Two things I'd like to mention. For many years I have been hearing Christmas sermons from Luke chapter 2 in which Mary cooperated with God by her free-will to allow God to send Jesus into this world. This past Lord's Day I heard a terrific sermon on the same text preached by Pastor Glidewell. The message was thoroughly evangelistic and God-centered. Instead of practically giving thanks to Mary for her "response" to God, I heard a pronouncement. I heard the account of an Angel, who gave a proclamation from a Sovereign King to a servant girl. I heard a call given to sinners to repent of their sin throughout the entire message. What an encouragement that message was. If he ever gives me the MP3 I will share here. :-)

The other thing I would like to mention is Michael Horton's recent essay on Evangelicalism and Reformed Christianity. It is an important read for those who are pastors. It may be an important read for anyone familiar with the issues that Evangelicals face today.

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