Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Abortionist's Wish List for Christmas

Here is a great example of how people will talk right past each other. CitizenLink has reported that "Abortion Activists" have sent a "wish list" to President Elect Obama. You may read the Abortionist's desires here. The first paragraph states,
The next President will have the opportunity to advance a reproductive health agenda that will make a profound difference in the lives and health of women, men, and families in the United States and around the world. Greater investments in reproductive health care will improve women’s health, reduce the incidence of disease, and promote healthy childbearing. Moreover, ensuring access to reproductive health services is essential to women’s full and equal participation in society.
Now the statement that Abortionists desire "healthy child bearing" is an admirable one. Who wants to have women to have poor health while child bearing? So we all talk right past each other while trying to clear the smoke from the bombs that are thrown past each other. However if words have meaning then we must understand their context.

The last sentence gives away some of their presuppositions. In order for a woman to have full and equal participation in society, she must have free health care. Why must she have free health care? Keep in mind, in the mind of the Leftist, a woman is only equal to a man if she may be "free" to choose any kind of life she desires. Pregnancies obviously get in the way of being equal to a man. Therefore, she must have free access to abortions.

Besides that, how is ripping a baby limb from limb or being burned to death or having its skull broken into with special tools and having brains sucked out healthy for the baby?

This is the world view of people who do not start with the Creator/creature relationship. The role of women in this world is redefined to whatever the idolatrous nature of the woman is.

Another part of this wish list states on page 9,
Select Judicial Nominees with a Demonstrated Commitment to Fundamental Legal Protections and Civil Liberties, Including ReproductiveRights. It is critical that only fair and independent judicial nominees with a demonstrated commitment to fundamental legal rights be appointed to the federal courts, including the Supreme Court and lower courts.
Now where does the right to privacy and the right to have an abortion come from. Just read later in the section on page 9.
These leaders must respect the rule of law and ensure that evidence-based findings will not be suppressed, distorted, or manipulated to advance a political agenda. Where relevant, they should display a commitment to promoting the health and rights of women and men in the United States and throughout the world.
This is just a hoot. I can only sit here and laugh at this deceiving language. They actually appeal to the rule of law? If abortionists really believe we should not suppress facts, lets show an abortion on TV for the entire nation to watch. I am all for everyone seeing the murder of an innocent child to establish the factual nature of what an abortion is. If Americans truly see this act as nothing more than getting rid of some tissue mass that is not human, then I guess I'll just sit here with an umbrella over my head waiting for the rule of law to rain down fire and brimstone.

The blatant hypocrisy of saying that "political agendas" should not be advanced rings hollow when they are seeking to advance their "rights" through the courts to begin with. Politics is not for the courts and here they are trying to advance rights through them. Good grief!

I would also like to know why Federal Judges should advance "health and rights of women and men in the United States and throughout the world". This is simply insane. Where in the Constitution is this power and authority given to Judges?

Since the Republican Party sits on the sidelines while the Radical Left advances, I am even more considering the Constitution Party. Someone in the Republican Party better start convincing me with strong reasons why I should stay a member of their party. When millions of babies are being murdered, while God's laws are being abandoned, someone better start talking and start quickly.

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