Friday, December 19, 2008

Jackson's Solutions Haven't Worked

Harry R. Jackson has written an editorial at on his recent participation in a symposium on homosexuality and the recent News Week article. He makes the claims that the promoters of homosexuality are shallow in their arguments from and use of Scripture. That's not surprising. We are all familiar with the misuse of God's Word. Natural and sinful man is anything but morally neutral especially when he is forced to interact with what reminds him of his sin.

Jackson does note that the homosexual community is not going to be able to persuade the older generations of their view. He writes,
Their hope is that younger Christians who are not committed to mainstream theology will change their views and their votes. Therefore, I expect to see more articles espousing bizarre theological arguments and doctrines in an attempt to re-define this clear-cut, moral issue of homosexuality.
Now this is nothing new. One of the major premises of the public screwl system was to steal children from their parents' morality (as argued in Joel Turtel's article on the modern system by Mann and Dewey). Targeting children has always been the tactic of those who desire to change a society but tire in attempting to change the minds of their fellow man. As Hitler said, "Give me your children from 0-7, I'll have them for life." [my paraphrase. read more here on propaganda tactics he used.]

What troubles me is Jackson's solution. He concludes his article stating,

Let the Newsweek article serve as a warning to the Bible-believing, Christian community. We cannot rest on our laurels. We must do three things. First, we must determine that we will honor the covenant of marriage. Our nation is in need of covenant couples, who will raise the standard for lifelong marriage again, demonstrating to hurting people in noncommittal relationships that lifelong married monogamy is the happiest, most fulfilling arrangement ever created.

Second, we must let our voices be heard as the 40,000 protestors did last week. We must not remain silent. Third, we should boycott media sources that move beyond reporting the news to attempting to ‘create’ the news.

It is not too late to save the family in America. Our movement simply needs to remain focused upon creating a nation that respects biblical marriage and the multiplied benefits it gives to us, and our children.

I agree with creating a nation that respects biblical marriage. However, do his solutions provide this? First he says that we, who believe in God's definition of marriage, ought to live consistently with that belief. I whole-heartedly agree that this is most necessary. Yet, this is simply living consistently with a belief. Is the belief being articulated and taught? For instance, the homosexual couple could simply live together in such a fashion as to win people to their position. Does it make their position right? I would argue that it no more makes it right than for heterosexual couples living together makes biblical marriage right. Nevertheless, I agree we must clean our own house.

His third solution is to protest companies that promote homosexuality. Although sometimes this has had an impact, is it really creating a nation of people that understand marriage and why it exists? So far, both of these are not positive solutions.

The second [third here] solution is that we make our voices known? I really don't know what this means? Yelling back obviously doesn't work. Simply challenging false presuppositions as I have done on this Blog brings about accusations of homophobia and the like. Perhaps he means the voting booth? If so, how does this withstand the problem of their targeting our children that he points out.

These solutions, as important as they may be, are not really the solutions. They have been tried for years with limited success. Those, who believe in the traditional view of marriage, must not only have a solid philosophical foundation for their definition, but must be able to articulate it as well. So far, almost every article on the subject written by Traditionalists appeals to pragmatism. We have only been hearing arguments that marriage is "better" because of x, y or z. We simply will not win out using these means.

My alternate suggestions that no one will listen to.

First, Traditionalists must take back the idea that parents must be the primary educators of their own children. We must reject the notion that the State is in charge of education. However this may work out in our local schools, this presupposition must be taken back.

Second, we must teach our children the Creator/creature understanding of life. When children learn that there is a Creator, they come to understand the foundation for all rational thought, logic, morality and ect.. This will in turn inform us all as to the purpose of life and offer the foundation for the "Rule of Law".

Third, we must learn how to articulate Natural Law once again. We must not grant the presupposition of "better" and go for the root of the issue. Most Christians believe that we must use the Bible in every instance. Christians must be able to communicate in both worlds. This will inform Traditionalists, who do not use the Bible, that not only does Natural Law lead to the conclusion they have come to, but special revelation by the Creator teaches traditional marriage as well.

I am certain other means could be thought of as well. But if we follow the popular road of "traditional marriage is better because we say so," that Jackson makes use of, then we will continue to lose the culture war. Pragmatism hasn't work for decades. Seeking to be popular with the Media hasn't worked. Cooperation with the Left hasn't worked. Some things are just right and need to be stood for thoughtfully.

Man is made in the image of God. As long as Traditionalists use the image of God within them, and as long as Christians appeal to the One True God's revelation, they will always be constant reminders to the homosexual of their sin. This God and this image of God must be suppressed by those who oppose God's laws due to the sinful nature of man. When we understand this truth, then perhaps we will have a better understanding of what we are facing and what we need to do to stand for what is right.

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