Monday, June 16, 2008

Position Paper

This week I am going to attempt to write a position paper for my Founders class. It is the final project that I must do to complete the class. Hopefully over the next several days I will be able to post sections of the paper.

I will be writing about the origin of the soul. The most popular historically held position is Creationism. The position I will attempt to defend is Traducianism. In my next post I will define these terms and offer my understanding of the debate. Then I will argue for my position and give Biblical support. Then I will interact with James P. Boyce's position and answer his objections. Then I will offer pastoral and devotional applications and the importance of Traducianism as it relates to the doctrine of Original Sin.

If I deviate from said outline, you'll just have to sue me.



parsoned said...

Good! Something on which we agree.


Howard Fisher said...

Of course we agree. Traducianism is the Biblical position. You believe the Bible, therefore......