Monday, June 09, 2008

Corner Gas

Watching TV is getting more difficult. I love to watch Comedians and good sitcoms. Yet I literally have to pause my DVR in order to avoid the absolute total depravity with commercials showing girls gone wild. Every sitcom literally makes dozens of stupid sexual jokes, and almost all shows are difficult to watch with kids.

While being bored with the typical TV sitcoms we happen to stumble across a show that has at least 4 seasons. I am not sure where this show has been hiding or how we missed it. Perhaps it is precisely because this sitcom is not vulgar in any way that has kept it from being advertised. Whatever the reason, we are glad to have found it.

I don't usually write about sitcoms, but Corner Gas is a fantastic show. Even the commercials are clean. One Blogger describes it this way:

We immediately took to it as the humor is dry and does not rely on the typical sexual jokes, meanness, or slapstick of most Hollywood sitcoms. If you like BBC comedies, you will like “Corner Gas.”

It airs on WGN. Watch it and enjoy.

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