Friday, August 11, 2006

We're Off

Well, we're off to Horn Creek in the morning. I am looking forward to celebrating the Lord's Day at Family Camp with campers we have come to know over the years. This year will be a little different since we are staying at Lodge instead of Ranch. Nevertheless, the camp "speakers" have always been dynamic and biblically sound.

I plan on preparing next weeks study of Hebrews chapter 1 for FBC's Sunday night service. I am also bringing with me Waldron's Dissertation, Faith, Obedience and Justification and Webster's The Old Testament Canon and the Apocrypha. If I have time, I hope to even get a little of Early Christian Doctrines by J.N.D. Kelly.

There is also a seminary that usually has classes that campers are allowed to sit in on. Over the years I have listened to some godly teachers being faithful in the study of God's Word.

Whatever I manage to squeeze in, I hope that my family gets a little break from the world and some rest in the study of God's Word and having a little fun while we are there. :-)

God Bless

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