Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Two Things

Two things, first, I should have mentioned before he jumped in that Cory Kitch will be co-Blogging. I have had many opportunities of having long discussions with Cory over the years. He has grown in his understanding of the Scriptures, and I have wasted no time in my many hours of conversation with him. I am sure his younger exegetical mind and his ability to understand post-modernism will be a positive contribution to this Blog.

Second, I had the priviledge of preaching to God's people in Shallow Water, KS this past Lord's Day. The text I used was Matthew 13 of the parable of the Wheat and Tares. Here is the link to that sermon.

God Bless


TheFilmCritic said...

Thanks Howard!
As you may have noticed I have up staged you once again and posted. Don't get used to it though. I'll probably run out of things to say unless someone starts arguing with us ;)

Howard Fisher said...

Somehow, I doubt it.