Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Ice Skating Arena In Dodge City

On a personal note, today I took my two older kids to the brand new Unite Wireless Arena's open house. They both skated for about 4 hours. Here are a couple of videos. I must say, their skating has improved quite a bit. Here is the new complex.

And here are the kids skating.

I met the former New York Ranger, and currently USA Hockey Representative, Jim Johnson. He is attempting to form an actual hockey program in western Kansas. You may read about the the story here in The Dodge City Daily Globe.

I just have to say my family is quite excited to potentially be involved with hockey in western Kansas. It really is the best sport ever.


Kasselman said...

Oh how wonderful! I wish you would invite us to go with you... But I guess, it might take you a while until you will get used to idea that we live in Scott City and not overseas anymore... SO happy for you, Howie!!! Glad you have such a great time! Just cannot quit picking on you...he-he!

Howard Fisher said...

You live near-by?