Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Liberalism and Death, Clouds Without Water

I remember years ago as a youth and young adult my search for religious truth. I remember going to fundamentalist churches and conservative churches and liberal churches. Now at the time I didn't know and understand the theological differences between churches. I just knew that some had total confidence in their beliefs for some unknown reason and others had mushy gushy answers that meant nothing. In this video clip from the television show ER, I am reminded of the feeling I had while sitting in what I now know was a theologically liberal church. They simply had no answer for the deep seated need I desired to be fulfilled. The only difference between this guy and myself was that he was "running out of time". But the anger he expresses is exactly what I felt.

Even to this day, I have no idea why people like this woman want to "help" people in the religious context. They don't believe anything, and even if they did, they certainly have no basis for such belief. They are as Jude describes, clouds without water.

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