Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Obama: Repeals Don't Ask, Don't Tell

The Don't Ask Don't Tell policy instituted byPresident Clinton and now being repealed by President Obama has some interesting coverage. In this WashingtonPost story, we are told in the very first paragraph,
The results signal continued widespread public support for ending the military's 17-year ban on gays in the military and come as Congress prepares to vote again on legislation ending the military's "don't ask, don't tell" law.
First, the Clinton policy did not prevent homosexuals from serving in the military. This is just an outright lie. It has always been illegal for homosexuals to serve in the military. In fact, it has always been illegal to commit adultery in the military (whether or not it is being currently enforced is another question). Clinton's policy just allowed homosexuals to serve secretly in the military because the policy forced the military to not be allowed to ask a potential recruit.

Second, notice this is seen as a victory for Obama. Why? Well, apparently, as this article states over and over again, the American public is not against the idea. Yet did we see reporting of polls about how the overwhelming number of Americans were against Obamacare? The fact is, Obama couldn't care less what the American public thinks.

A third observation I have made over the years is this polling issue. How could it be otherwise? Seriously, who would goes against the politically correct driven argument for homosexuality? You are called hateful. You could easily lose your job. You could be charged with a hate crime. You will probably have to go to a gestapo style camp to reorient your mind to the Left's thinking.

After years of indoctrination or moral relativism, after years of the sexual revolution and the perversion of God's created order for marriage (adultery and fornication), how could homosexuality be anything other than just another "don't judge us" issue? Why would it be surprising that 77% of Americans don't care what gays do in their bedrooms? I would argue that most Americans (including myself) don't care what men do in their homes from a legal perspective. Yet no matter how accepting people may think they are, I am still convinced (based on private talk) that Americans still think homosexuality is wrong. They simply tolerate it, and they always have. Now they are just being forced to tolerate in ways they never have before.

I have written about the homosexual issue in the past and have yet to have a serious fundamentally sound moral argument for its acceptance. The military is not the place to fight the culture war. Yet the homosexual movement knows that to win there is to win big. But even Saturday Night Live once quipped that that is not the role of the military. For once, I happen to agree.

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