Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Noah's Ark In Kentucky

I saw on Yahoo News this little statement,
Noah's Ark Tourist Attraction Sparks Debate
Tue, 7 Dec 9:01 PM EST - ABC
News 2:25 10 views

Some believe using state funds to build a Bible-themed attraction is wrong.
So I decided to look around and found this on this site.
Kentucky Offers Tax Breaks for Ark Project Kentucky's Democratic governor has signed on to the plan, promising almost $40 million in tax breaks for a project that is expected to create 900 jobs. According to a feasibility study for the park, 1.6 million visitors could show up in the first full year alone, and the project could generate $250 million in state revenue.
So which is it? Tax breaks or using State Funds to pay for a museum? Knowing how the Left loves to assume that all money belongs to Government, and if someone doesn't pay the amount of taxes they want, then they are "losing money".

Disinfo states a similar argument,
...should the state be subsidizing what is clearly a religious venture?
There it is again. No citation. No evidence offered that the State is actually giving money to this venture. It is simply assumed in their world that if someone wants to do something, the money already belongs to the government. That is just sick thinking. Windmills are subsidized. Turning corn into gasoline is subsidized. Not taxing something is not subsidizing. It is freedom.

Another interesting thing I have noticed is the flat Earth comments. All the atheists are just unable to allow another perspective of origins because it doesn't fit their dogma. At least the Governor understands free speech and freedom of thought.
"The people of Kentucky didn't elect me governor to debate religion. The elected me governor to create jobs, and that's what we're doing here," said Beshear. "Our laws don't allow us to discriminate as to entertainment subject matter of a theme park. And as long as it is legal and meets all of our criteria, I think it's clearly constitutional."
Personally, I don't care about trying to rebuild Noah's Ark. It doesn't prove anything, and only gives visitors some kind of "Bible experience". Nevertheless, if the Smithsonian can build their monuments to their religious views of origins and get actual State funding, tax breaks for the museum, which only means they get to keep their money, then certainly the Creationists have their right to build their monuments too.

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