Friday, August 20, 2010

Rush On Health Care

Rush was once again right.

RUSH: Now, this health care slideshow that advises the Democrats on what to say and what not to say, is a blatant acknowledgement that Obamacare was pushed through Congress on the basis of a lie. I want to go back to his immaculation speech when Imam Obama was immaculated.

He said, "Our health care is too costly," and then he expanded on that in his speech on health care to Congress in September of 2009. Remember that speech? That was the speech where Congressman Joe Wilson shouted out, "You lie!" Remember that? In that speech, Imam Obama said, "Put simply, our health care problem is our deficit problem. Nothing else even comes close. These are the facts. Nobody disputes them. The plan I'm announcing tonight would meet three basic goals. It will slow the growth of health care costs for our families, our businesses, and our government." That's what Imam Obama said. "Nobody disputes " it. That was then. Now, as with all of his promises, there's an expiration date.

The expiration date on this one has arrived. That's the speech that Joe Wilson shouted "You lie," when Obama's out there talking about how his health care plan is gonna permanently reduce the deficit, lower health care costs, and now the Democrats say, "Don't say it." Because, see, Obamacare would have had a sunset provision locked in if it did not claim to reduce the deficit. That's some newfangled law that they've had in the budget requirements for a while. The tax cuts have to sunset because the CBO said they wouldn't reduce the deficit. If it doesn't reduce the deficit, then it's gotta be ended at some point. So they had to say that health care was gonna reduce the deficit in order to make it permanent. Folks, we were lied to, scammed. This is fraud and deceit, and it's admission now by the Democrats with this slide show is profound.

To get Obamacare through the reconciliation -- you remember all of this? To get
Obamacare through the reconciliation process without a sunset provision, the CBO claimed it would reduce the deficit by $118 billion. Remember they remember massaging and manipulating this to say it was never going to cost more than a trillion because that's what the Iraq war had cost and the regime was out there saying, "Oh, health care is going to cost less than the Iraq war." It was all lies, and Joe Wilson shouted that, and look what happened to him. So now we have... It's unconscionable. This entire regime has been a lie. It is an ongoing lie. They continue to lie when they say that the...

Well, the CBO is out on the Bush tax cuts. Get this. The CBO, "the nonpartisan CBO" (I always love it when they put that in the description, "the nonpartisan CBO") "says that extending the Bush tax cuts would have a temporary and immediate positive impact on the economy, but it would ruin the deficit by 2020." Now, would somebody explain that to me? The Bush tax cuts, if left in place, would have an immediate benefit to the economy and its rebound, recovery and economic growth. But the deficit would become unmanageable by 2020. So what are we to do here? How can both of those be true? Somebody needs to tell me how in hell we can have those tax cuts be an immediate economic boom leading to an out-of-control deficit?

Well, it doesn't make sense. That's another lie, and it's the lie that says tax cuts reduce revenue, that tax cuts add to the deficit. You and I all know that that's not true. It's all academic anyway. Anybody who thinks these tax cuts are going to be extended? That is a triumph of emotion over common sense like I can think of no other example. You've got Geithner out there saying that this isn't going to happen. Obama's out there saying that it isn't going to happen. People are making it sound like this has got a chance. It ought to. These tax cuts ought to be extended, but I really do not see it happening.

New Democrat message: Improve health care, don't talk costs. Don't talk costs. Talk about all the benefits. It's not a big deal. It's now health care, actual health care is much better. "Key White House allies are dramatically shifting their attempts to defend health care legislation, abandoning claims that it will reduce costs and the deficit and instead stressing a promise to 'improve it.'" and again, the only reason this was in there is to make it permanent. If a program expands the deficit, by law, it has to have a sunset. It has to end. And they want Obamacare to be perpetual. So they had to lie that it will reduce the deficit $118 billion. Big whoop. All a lie. Everything they have said about it is a lie.


Anonymous said...

I don't care if Rush is espousing the Truth with a capital "T"-- "Imam Obama"? The fact you think it's okay to regurgitate that sort of racism / religious falsehood / mind-blowing wrong...

You are disgusting.

Howard Fisher said...

Lighten up Francis. It is humor. Nobody gets riled up when Saturday Night Live makes fun of Christians or fake news with Daly and his one sided bigotry. The fact is, Obama thinks he is the Messiah and the press treats him as such.

The funny thing is, Rush often quotes Liberals and then is called a racist. Remember Barak the Magic Negroe? The racism is coming from Democrats. The Imam comment is simply good comedy since it has an element of truth to it.

Besides, the post has to do with the fact that we are being lied to again. The Dems said Obama Care would save us money. We all knew it was a lie, but Dems and ever expanding government loving citizens believed it (I don"t know why but....). Now we are being told more lies about Obama Care. My personal rates are about to skyrocket thanks to you Lefties.

Anonymous said...

Methinks you have not a damned clue as to what you're talking about.

Howard Fisher said...

Ummm, I actually listen to Rush on occasion, if I am in my truck. So I know the context.

It seems to me that you are repeating the Media's slant that Rush started this whole thing where Americans doubt ifObama is even a Christian.

Well, I can tell you that Obama is not a christian. He never has been. Reverend Wright is not a Christian either. Liberation Theology is a racist theology. Any church that teaches Liberation Theology is as racist as any Ku Klux Klan organization.

The fact is, the poll that has questioned what American think about Obama's faith was done long before Rush said Imam. Also, the fact that we are questioning his faith means there must be doubt. Look at all of his actions.

Now I am not arguing that if Obama were a Muslim that that would prohibit him from being President.

The fact is, I brought up a great example where Democrats prove themselves to tbe the racists by calling Obama the "magic negroe" and that "he's not down for the struggle". Rush simply points out these facts with humor. But because he does not fit your politically correct speech, then he's a racist. I suppose that black phone call screener that works for him is just an Uncle Tom.

So my friend, you are the one that has neither humor nor theological insight nor the ability to understand good humor.