Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CTC Discusses Hume and Miracles

Some time ago on this blog I had a discussion with Mr. Ellis. At one point we got into the "problem" of miracles. Although I made an attempt to answer Mr. Ellis' objections, it was obvious that we approached the subject in such radically different ways that I simply was not able to communicate my position as I needed to.

This morning I finished listening to a two-part program by Christ the Center Podcast that discussed the philosopher Hume and his view on miracles. At one point, the recent debate between Christopher Hitchens and Doug Wilson was raised in which Hitchens asked Wilson as to why he believed the biblical miracles and not Mormonism's miracles.

The question was so similar to my own discussion with Mr. Ellis, and the answers offered being fuller in depth than what I was able to articulate, that I thought that those, who are more philosophically inclined, may benefit to hear a sound Reformed answer.

Here are the two programs one and two.

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