Wednesday, June 03, 2009

God's Sovereignty or Man's Will?

Many years ago a movie was produced that explored the very question which Prolifers must contend. In the 1983 movie The Dead Zone, Johnny Smith, played by Christopher Walken, gains the ability to see the future in certain situations. During the movie Johnny Smith realizes he is able to not only see the future but has the ability to change it.

With this ability Johnny Smith shakes hands with a politician, who will become the President of the United States and purposefully bring the world into a nuclear holocaust. The rest becomes the obvious struggle. Does Johnny Smith have the right or moral obligation to stop this politician by any means, including his killing? The answer to this dilemma truly depends upon your view of the created order and the sovereignty of God.

Mohler is right when he says,
In the case of Dr. George Tiller, the governing authorities failed again and again to fulfill their responsibility to protect all citizens, including those yet unborn. The law is dishonoring to God in its disrespect for human life. The law failed to bring George Tiller to account for what should have been seen as crimes against humanity. But this failure does not authorize others to act in the place of the government, much less in the place of God.
It is a part of God's right to set up governing authorities and to bring them down. God is King and Ruler over the nations. God has decreed a purpose for all creatures. As a mere citizen, I do not have the right to overthrow the power and authority of God ordained governments. This is not only true for Christians, it has long been recognized by non-Christians as well. Without a governing authority, vigilantism would soon bring about utter chaos. We would lose the foundation for civilization and the basis for any law at all. This must be avoided at all costs.

It is the Evolutionist/Naturalist/Materialist/Atheist/Feminist that is the true danger to the issue. These viewpoints cannot account nor justify any basis for morality. They certainly have no basis for the Rule of Law and the institution of government (which is why we often see leaders of these movements calling for constant anarchy).

As citizens of the kingdom of man, whether Christian or not, we must respect the God ordained role of governments. We must also grasp that God has ordained evil in this present evil age. We must grasp that justice will always fall short until the Son of Man appears to judge the world in perfect righteousness.

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