Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lewis Black and Religion

Years ago, a friend of mine took me to the Comedy Connection in Boston. A small little club where comedians from all across the country would come and perform. From the first time I went I was hooked. I have always been amazed at how comedians take everyday things that we do and make them funny. Quite often I felt as though they were making fun of me personally. My aunt Ramona once told me that if you can't laugh at yourself, then you are taking yourself way too seriously. I still agree and quite often find myself laughing at myself.

For the last few years I have been watching a comedian by the name of Lewis Black. I doubt I would ever go to see Black in person. I prefer to watch him on Comedy Central where his vulgarity may be edited out and made much more tolerable to listen to. At times I find him extremely funny. At times he may be quite blasphemous and down right ridiculous. So why watch him? Because Lewis Black helps me to try to understand those who reject Christianity from an atheistic viewpoint. He tries to act as if he has all the common sense in the world and Christians are just stupid morons. I have no doubt that at times we are, but I wonder if Lewis Black would ever consider looking at himself in the way he looks at others.

Recently Comedy Central showed one of his performances where he spends time making fun of George Bush and the Christian religion. Although making fun of Bush is not difficult, there were several things that Black had to say that were just basically wrong. So in the next post or two, I'd like to interact with a few things that he said.

Let's face it. Political Leftists like Black use their positions to marginalize Christians and using humor is a great way to make your political enemies go stand in the corner. Black at times is very serious about his comments. I think he really believes some of the nonsense he says. He is not just trying to use humor to get us to look at ourselves and reflect on some of the wrongheaded things we do or the inconsistencies in our beliefs. He is in fact trying to use humor to persuade people that Christianity is stupid while making Christians feel stupid about being stupid.

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