Thursday, April 09, 2009

Reverting Back to Rome...If They Ever Really Left

Quite some time ago, I had interacted with Crossed the Tiber's blog when he was writing against Sola Scriptura. If any of you managed to read that, you will remember that this so-called former Protestant claimed to believe Protestant doctrines but now sees their error. However, if you read his definitions of Scripture Alone, it was obvious he had no idea what that doctrine is.

After several attempts at correcting his straw-man definitions, I could see that he simply was not going to stop. Roman Catholic reverts quite often are simply being consistent with their shallow Protestant churches and their former Roman Catholic background. Here in this video we see this again with last year's revert Francis Beckwith.


douglas said...

You lack charity. If you can't think of a better way to promote the Kingdom, you might consider refocusing volutarily while the impetus is yours. You have miscalculated what it will cost you to continue these rants and diatribes, spiritually and monetarily, and it will only be feasible for a season.

Get a new focus, and transform what you do before you get caught in public way you can't easily recover from. Ministries that lack charity always end poorly, and their leaders never seem to see it coming. The embarrassment they procure is always well earned.

Howard Fisher said...

Thanks for the comment Douglas. I am a little confused about your comment though. Could you be more specific? Is it wrong to point out that Rome's Gospel is a false Gospel if it is indeed a false Gospel?

Is it wrong to point out that when someone goes back to Rome after claiming to be Protestant, to see if their reasoning is true. If it is, shouldn't we all go back to Rome?

The only proper way to promote the Kingdom is to proclaim the Gospel found in the Scriptures.

What is truly embarrassing is Protestant churches running a hundred programs to "promote the kingdom" and yet what is left is a mile wide Christianity that is only an inch deep.

Being popular doesn't = charity.