Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dr. Bock Nerve Pinches Ehrman

Darrell Bock's review of Bart Erhman's book, Jesus, Interrupted, is quite helpful. Here is a quote from the second paragraph.
I think what is most bothersome in this book is the way it sets up discussions, pursues a topic for several pages, often noting the point is not as devastating as the impression given (usually with a sentence that qualifies things so the author has cover) and then continues to launch in a direction that implies more than the evidence really gives, leaving a greater impression about what is said than the author claims in the qualification.
Ehrman makes a big deal of the differences of the crucifixion accounts between Mark and Luke. Was Jesus in control or utter despair? Dr. Bock quickly deals with Ehrman's arguments.
(3) The theologies are not in as great an opposition to each other as Ehrman claims. Rather what we have are emphases in which Jesus goes triumphantly in his death genuinely fully suffering as Mark shows, presenting Jesus as an example to suffer.
His third point parallels the fake conservative, Colbert. Watch the end of this video. It is hard to believe that a comedian, perhaps unwittingly, makes the same point.

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