Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Secret Tribunals Coming Here?

If you are a Christian, imagine your church gathering together on a Sunday to hear God's Word ministered to the people. During the week you meet a man who is a homosexual, and you decide to invite him to go with you to church. During the service the pastor reads a passage from Leviticus which includes the prohibition against homosexuality. The service ends and everyone goes home.

A week later a government official comes to the pastor's door and charges him with having committed a hate crime. He is brought before a secret tribunal that pronounces him guilty. He is fined a large sum of money. He is told to publicly apologize for his hate speech. He is told he must renounce his beliefs. The pastor asks to be able to face his accuser and is told the accuser's identity is being protected. He asks for the trial to be made public and is told that would violate the entire system to protect the accuser. He asks to appeal the Tribunal's decision, but there is no system to appeal.

Does this sound like something that could only happen in the Middle Ages. Does this sound like the Inquisition? It is currently happening in Canada. Read here for the story.

A while back I wrote about homosexuality on this Blog. Apparently, if I went to Canada, I could be brought before this Tribunal and have my life destroyed. The myth that homosexuals are somehow morally neutral is all too apparent. Again, our neighbors to the north are demonstrating the myth of moral neutrality. Men are always seeking to suppress God's Law. As long as Christians are around, they must be held down as well. For Christians are a constant reminder of their (homosexuals) sin.

With the recent U.S. Court decision affirming the Second Amendment it will not be long before such "interests of the State" will overthrow our Constitutional Right to face our accuser. The Sixth Amendment states,

Right to speedy trial. Right to impartial jury. Right to be informed of the charges upon which the accused is held. Right to face accusers. Right to produce witnesses for the accused. Right to legal counsel.

Even though this is stated with total clarity please keep in mind that four Justices nearly overthrew the Second Amendment forever. With Breyer wanting some kind of test or balance for the State to regulate this Right, the obvious meaning becomes obliterated. As a judge friend of mine said to me this week, "I would not want a man with a temper to have the right to own a gun." (Is that not scary that Liberals think they have this kind of power?)

The same could easily happen with the right to face one's accuser here in the States. Do we not already do this with child protection bureaucracies? How often do we hear of children being pulled out of homes because of an anonymous tip?

Since the U.S. has already established laws that violate the Sixth Amendment, since that Canada is paving the way to Secret Tribunals, since Liberalism is anything but neutral and in fact hostile to Christianity, since homosexuals are on the war path in destroying the foundation of our country, since we are in fact witnessing a Revolution of huge proportions (whether one realizes it or not), this Fourth of July, I resolve to sit down with my family and read the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. I resolve to not only learn the basics of Constitutional Law but to teach them to my children.

While we have the freedom secured to us by law, Christians must now take every advantage to know their rights and to exercise them.

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