Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Jewish Boss Has Always Been Right

The other night on the ride home from hockey practice (over an hour drive) I had plenty of time to chat with my 13-year-old daughter about life. One of the things that came up was the issue of family life. We chatted about the culture wars, drugs & alcohol use and adultery, divorce and even......homosexuality. Yes, I am an odd ball. I actually discuss things with my kids.

I first learned of the importance of family and its design not by my Lutheran pastors or even fundamentalist preachers, but by a Jewish man I once worked for in North Pembroke. He was the owners of an AMC Jeep Parts business, and he was a great guy to work for...tough, but a good man.

One day I told him I needed to go visit a friend that had attempted suicide. He quickly asked me about his family life. As far as I knew, his family life was fine, but my Jewish boss insisted it was not. I argued with him for a bit, but he explained to me what to watch for and what is the definition of a family. Over the years, he's always been right. There's just something about those practicing, Hebrew Scriptures believing, Jews that seem to have their finger on the pulse of what's going on.

So as I explained to my daughter the other night, prior to this evil incident in New England (yes, I said evil, not conventional but absolute evil) you may find many of our cultural evils traced back to the destruction and redefinition of the family. Although the problem is more fundamental than that. For evil springs from the heart and is reflected in the family. It's expression (sinful man's evil heart) goes through the foundation of our society and perverts everything.

This is where the current cultural debate will err. Instead of recognizing the source of the problem, the Political Left will interpret these events from a worldview which suppresses the knowledge of their Creator and thereby suppressing and twisting the created order. Instead of attempting to repent of their evil thinking, they will seek to use the evil actions of a man in order to expand the powers of the State by advancing more gun control laws. Instead of supporting the God-given and designed family, they will continue to support Homosexual lifestyles, furthering the twisting of the family life.

As a Christian, I have a new Jewish Boss, who also thoroughly believed the Hebrew Scriptures. It is to Him we must repent in our thinking about who God is and what He has designed and what the purpose of His creatures are. It is to Him we must look to for Eternal Life, and from Him and through Him must all things be restored.


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