Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Accepting Boys Kissing...Each Other

The Drudge Report linked to this article by CBS Connecticut. Apparently, we have yet another controversy of a bunch of homophobes walking out of a school play in which two boys kissed, but please notice, for the article, the author cleverly calls the boys men. The principle is cited in this paragraph:
“There are always circumstances (in organizing these programs) under which the values of the student or their family come into play,” said Adam Johnson, principal of the Government and Law Academy at the high school, told CBS Connecticut.

So there are different values with different people. Fair enough. It sounds as if he is being open-minded. But this paragraph says what is really happening.
“In the weeks prior … we were told by those organizing the play that there was going to be a boy-boy kiss,” said Johnson, noting the importance of accepting homosexual intimacy as society accepts heterosexual intimacy. “When one teacher asked if I wanted to remove it, I said absolutely not.” [emphasis mine]

The principle isn't trying to get people to just get along or even to get different individuals and families to tolerate those who are different from them. He is attempting to use governmental power to make children "accept" homosexuality, not just tolerate it.

So once again, we have an ethical system that simply has no foundation whatsoever being forced down our collective throats. As has been seen on this blog, they won't even try because they can't. Perhaps we need to rethink the role of government in this whole debacle called the culture war. Perhaps we, who are morally conservative, ought to rethink the entire culture war altogether.

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