Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dispensationalism: A Critical Look At The New Covenant part 7

Conclusion of the Arguments

Throughout the New Testament, starting with Christ himself, we see the New Covenant instituted for a people that Christ has chosen. It is Christ that is building His church. It is Christ that is the true Seed of Abraham both physically and spiritually. It is Christ who unites both Jews and Gentiles into one body. The New Testament everywhere speaks of the New Covenant as fulfilling the Old Testament types and shadows. To go back to a National Israel hermeneutic is to go backwards in redemptive history and miss the meaning of the promises given to the church in what Christ has done for His people.

We can see that how we start in our interpretive methods is important. Do we start with the New Testament and allow the Apostles to explain to us the nature of the Old Testament prophecies or do we practice an inconsistently applied method of inferences from an overly literal approach of the Old Testament being forced upon the New?

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