Friday, April 01, 2011

Dr. Mohler On CTC

I know many Baptists wonder how can Baptists fellowship with Confessional Presbyterians, but it does happen. Southern Baptist Seminary President, Albert Mohler, recently appeared a guest on Reformed Forum's Christ the Center's podcast with WTS President, Peter Lillback. Listen here.

During part of the conversation, both men were asked about stereo types that modern Baptists and Presbyterians have of one another. The discussion is most helpful. But what is really helpful is that both Presidents had to go through difficult times of restoring the rightful place of Scripture in their respective institutions. Although some have called the SBC cleansing a "witch hunt" (and I have no doubt that happened), it was a much needed cleasing. I am thankful that there are men such as Al Mohler who are willing to stand for the truth.

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