Sunday, March 13, 2011

Psalm 60

I am sitting here this afternoon reading Psalm 60. In light of recent events in Japan this text is quite powerful. Although the text is primarily about Israel, the application I think should be obvious. Here are the beginning verses.

O God, you have rejected us, broken our defenses;
   you have been angry; oh, restore us.
2You have made the land to quake; you have torn it open;
     repair its breaches, for it totters.
3 You have made your people see hard things;
    you have given us wine to drink that made us stagger. 4 You have set up a banner for those who fear you,
   that they may flee to it from the bow.

Yet even in the midst of trouble God promises to bring about man's deliverance, and ultimately He has done so in Christ.

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