Monday, March 29, 2010

Robert Price Clip on the Dividing Line

If you remember some time back, Mr Ellis used some interesting arguments to say that there is not enough evidence for the reliability of the New Testament. There were a couple of specific arguments that I wish I had time to address and expand upon, but I find myself with less and less time as my kids get older and older.

Today while driving around and listening to my MP3 player, I was listening Dr. White on the Dividing Line. He played a lengthy clip of Robert Price in a debate with William Lane Craig. I know Mr. Ellis thinks Craig to be a Presuppositionalist, but I think that is due to some confusion as to what a Presuppositionalist is. Nevertheless, Robert Price's argumentation against Craig sounded eerily similar to Mr. Ellis' comments. As it turns out, Mr. Price and Mr. White will be debating in the next few weeks. I would encourage you to listen to the Dividing Line and hear what Radical Skepticism sounds like.

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