Thursday, January 14, 2010

Robertson's View On Haiti

Just a couple of quick comments on Pat Robertson's thinking and his statement on the 700 Club that can be seen on this video.

First, I have no idea what historical source this "true story" has come from. I just have to say that to get that out of the way.

Second, to contrast Haiti with its neighbor as somehow a way of being free from the devil is completely unbiblical. Is America somehow less sinful simply because we have freedom and liberty? Is it possible that God's grace could be more easily seen in a situation that is full of despair? Could it be that God is not testing Haiti, but is instead testing Americans to see what we will do with our prosperity?

Third, how does Robertson know why God is doing what He is doing? He has already demonstrated himself to be a false prophet when he said God told him Bush Sr. would be President (an actual true story that is quite verifiable).

The real problem with Robertson's thinking is that it leads to superstition. It is true that there is a law of sowing and reaping. If we sow corruption, then we can expect judgment from God in what we reap. But to try to interpret every historical event as if God were speaking directly through him is foolish at best.

The truth is, we have no idea of all of the secret purposes of God in this devastating earthquake. Perhaps God is now blessing Haiti with the destruction of its evil government by replacing it with a government that actually holds to liberty. Perhaps God is not going to do that at all but is doing something far worse or far greater. Perhaps He is going to bring the Gospel in a new and fresh way and the populace will embrace Christ. Who really knows?

In conclusion, there is a manner in which we must speak about the judgment and wrath of God that is typified in this catastrophe. But we must do so with clarity and do so biblically. For the wrath of God is always being revealed from heaven above. We saw it on 9/11. We are seeing it in Haiti. We are seeing it all around the world and in our own personal lives. The answer, though, is not to make ourselves better. The answer is in the Person and work of Jesus Christ and His Gospel.

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